Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Stitched Mulberry Papers! Purple Hydrangea Cards from Memory Box

This is the new paper from PRIMA called Rosebuds.  It is a thicker Mulberry paper that almost feels like cloth.  It has a lot more cottony feel than most papers and it is quite thick and durable.  I've cut some of my sheets into fourths--the trick is to have a sharp blade in the paper cutter and a pair of sharp scissors nearby to snip any of the stitched threads that the cutter misses.  This is really lovely paper!  I love the look of stitching on printed papers but I'm not about to drag out the sewing machine to do this myself when there is beautiful paper like this at hand.  It is a bit more expensive than other 12X12s and worth every penny!  This particular pattern would be sweet on a wedding card or to welcome a new baby or to celebrate a special birthday or anniversary.  It is also lovely paper for scrapbook pages with just enough space to add a photo and some journaling and still show off the lovely stitching.  I hope we get more of these papers in other patterns.  They are stunning!!!

The card-color-of-the-month is in from Memory Box!  It is a luscious purple called Hydrangea.  We have a couple more of the Gorgeous Bloom stamps that arrived with this order and the Happy B-Day stamp with the little bee on the side.  There is still a nice selection of the Memory Box dot papers and more of the shabby lime dot paper was in the bottom of the box.

Can't believe that tomorrow is the first of June!  Memorial Day for me always marks the start of summer now, even though it doesn't officially arrive until the 21st. When I was working in a school until the end of June it was always the Fourth of July that marked the start of summer for me.  We're gearing up at Your Maine Stamper for a fun-filled summer!!!

JUNE: All month we are featuring stamps by our own Courtney Ricker of Winthrop!  
We have shelves and shelves of her stamps and more on order that we've run out of.  Some of these you may not have seen in awhile or ever--we're restocking at least two of each of the most popular designs.  There will be two stamps of the month from Courtney's designs at 40% off each.  Look for Courtney's stamps in the second section of the shop on the black bookcases and the tall brown shelving unit.  Can't wait for the boxes of stamps to arrive in the next few days!!!

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  1. Plus as Lydia will be away some during June, Anne & Connie will be manning the shop! ALWAYS something happening on those days. Stay tuned! Connie


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