Friday, June 3, 2011


The Large Maine Boot
artist:  Courtney Ricker

We are featuring our own Courtney Ricker's stamps during the month of June at Your Maine Stamper!  We are so fortunate to have such a talented artist designing stamps exclusive to Your Maine Stamper.  You cannot buy her stamps anywhere else!  We got a HUGE box of her stamps in today.  Lydia and Rod spent the morning unpacking, pricing, and placing the newest stamps on the Courtney Shelves.

THREE of Courtney's stamps are being featured as Stamps-of-the-Month:  the Calendar Grid, the Three Hearts Quilt, and the Large Rectangular Frame.  A couple of weeks ago Connie and I went through all of the stamps in the shop catalog and made sure to order enough so that we have two each of almost every design in the shop now.  That's a LOT of stamps!!!  If you haven't looked at Courtney's stamps in awhile, you may find some on the shelves that you've never seen as well as the shop favorites!

It's not too early to start thinking about making calendars for 2012 using the Calendar Grid stamp.  Just stamp the image twelve times, add in the numbers (handwritten or stamped) for the dates each month and stamp an image that fits each month in the large blank area at the top of the grid.  Mount each one on some seasonally appropriate paper and you've got a neat gift handmade by you!

The Three Hearts Quilt is a lovely backdrop for adding multiple images and sentiments and even cropped photographs to create a card for any occasion.  It's the perfect thing to welcome a new baby, celebrate a wedding, acknowledge an anniversary, mark a birthday, or to send a thinking of you note.

I love using the Large Rectangular Frame to highlight and frame another stamped image or a cropped photograph.  This might be just the stamp you need for an altered book project, a recipe collection, or to use a gift coupons or to frame a gift card.

 It's so much fun to work with Courtney's largest stamps--there are so many other stamped images you can add to them and lots of ways to glam them up.  I'll be teaching a class next Monday afternoon using several of Courtney's stamps... It's in the Bag (featuring the large brown paper bag stamp), Too Much on My Plate (featuring the Dresden Plate stamp), and A Tisket, A Tasket...(featuring the large Handled Woven Basket).  I'm thinking we may also make a Maine Boot or two.

If you need ideas for using Courtney's stamps, check out the expanded catalog that Rod created which includes many many colored samples made by Courtney.  There are also many of the templates she designed available for purchase and some samples of those on the black shelving units.

Please take another look at the Courtney Ricker Collection the next time you visit Your Maine Stamper.  I think you'll find some stamps that you just have to purchase!  And the featured three stamps are 40% off!!!                                               


  1. For anyone who is not familiar with this line of stamps, I really suggest you look at what is on display, then sit down and browse through the notebook of the full line of Courtney Stamps and samples -- any of these stamps can be ordered. You won't be disappointed. Connie

  2. Hello! I just came across this blog/website and browsing through it I found that "Boot" stamp with the title Courtney Rickers stamps all month. I just love that boot stamp, I have a million different ideas/ways I could use that. The problem is I don't know where to purchase it? Or any of "Courtney's" stamps. If anyone could tell me where or a website that would be great. I live in the Evergreen State, Washington State. Thank you.


  3. The address and phone number is on the left side of the page near the top.


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