Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Stitched Mulberry Papers! Purple Hydrangea Cards from Memory Box

This is the new paper from PRIMA called Rosebuds.  It is a thicker Mulberry paper that almost feels like cloth.  It has a lot more cottony feel than most papers and it is quite thick and durable.  I've cut some of my sheets into fourths--the trick is to have a sharp blade in the paper cutter and a pair of sharp scissors nearby to snip any of the stitched threads that the cutter misses.  This is really lovely paper!  I love the look of stitching on printed papers but I'm not about to drag out the sewing machine to do this myself when there is beautiful paper like this at hand.  It is a bit more expensive than other 12X12s and worth every penny!  This particular pattern would be sweet on a wedding card or to welcome a new baby or to celebrate a special birthday or anniversary.  It is also lovely paper for scrapbook pages with just enough space to add a photo and some journaling and still show off the lovely stitching.  I hope we get more of these papers in other patterns.  They are stunning!!!

The card-color-of-the-month is in from Memory Box!  It is a luscious purple called Hydrangea.  We have a couple more of the Gorgeous Bloom stamps that arrived with this order and the Happy B-Day stamp with the little bee on the side.  There is still a nice selection of the Memory Box dot papers and more of the shabby lime dot paper was in the bottom of the box.

Can't believe that tomorrow is the first of June!  Memorial Day for me always marks the start of summer now, even though it doesn't officially arrive until the 21st. When I was working in a school until the end of June it was always the Fourth of July that marked the start of summer for me.  We're gearing up at Your Maine Stamper for a fun-filled summer!!!

JUNE: All month we are featuring stamps by our own Courtney Ricker of Winthrop!  
We have shelves and shelves of her stamps and more on order that we've run out of.  Some of these you may not have seen in awhile or ever--we're restocking at least two of each of the most popular designs.  There will be two stamps of the month from Courtney's designs at 40% off each.  Look for Courtney's stamps in the second section of the shop on the black bookcases and the tall brown shelving unit.  Can't wait for the boxes of stamps to arrive in the next few days!!!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Your Maine Stamper Closed Saturday May 28 and Monday May 30. Enjoy the long weekend!!!

Just a reminder that Your Maine Stamper will be CLOSED SATURDAY MAY 28 AND MONDAY MAY 3O for Memorial Day weekend.

Shop Thursday and Friday so you have enough product to work with over the long weekend!   I'm hoping for sunshine and a chance to get outside, but I want my crafting supplies just in case there's some rainy indoor time!

Every time I talk to Lydia she's unpacking another box!

What's new???

You already know about Stamps by Judith from my post earlier this week.  We have catalogs for sale at $14  and worth it--tons of ideas for using the stamps, full-color so you get coloring/shading ideas as well, and lots of sample cards in every category!  There are several detailed tutorials, too.  And we have a few extra free flyers on the shelf that you may take.  Several of our customers have made sample cards that we have on display.  Remember that you get 15% off one of the Stamps by Judith if you make a sample for us before June 1st!!!  There's also a video in the shop that you may watch in the classroom area that shows how to combine stamps from that line to make really unique designs.  Browse the store catalog copy and place an order!  We've started a third one already and are looking for requests!

Three new Mat Stack Collections!
from DCWV

from DCWV

from DCWV

There's a beautiful new PRIMA 12X12 from their Oh Sew Cute line--a page that is actually stitched and it's really amazing!  I wish you could see the detail better in this picture.  It's a little more expensive than some of our other 12X12s but it's worth every penny.  I might actually have to make a scrapbook page with it!  Bits of it would also be stunning on cards, particularly in combination with the Memory Box Gorgeous Bloom stamps.

I read a review this week about Tim's Tissue Tapes.  They are really thin like tissue paper so they are fairly transparent over whatever you put them on.  Even though they are adhesive-backed, you may find that you need to add a little more adhesive to them to get the tapes to stick and stay stuck.  They are really cool and add a nice vintage touch to cards, scrapbook pages, altered books, etc.  We just got "Sketchbook" in and we have one package of "Nostalgic" left.  Tapes are really fun to play with!!!
"Sketchbook" Tissue Tape
from Tim Holtz

Monday, May 23, 2011

More Stamps by Judith are here! Other NEW Products!!! CLOSED SAT. MAY 28, Monday May 30

A big box came today via UPS from Stamps by Judith!!!  Lots of new stamps on the shelves!!!  Frogs, creepy crawly bugs, little Dorky Bird, big Dorky Bird, lots of flowers, the Tree for All Seasons, and lots more peg stamps!!!  That's all I can remember at the moment...and I know there are more stamps than just these!!!

The shop is filled to the brim with crafting embellishments and tools--we're running out of hooks for displaying things!  Butterflies including some vellum ones that you can ink up, 3-D fabric flowers, sticky back fabric labels and trims, pearls in several sizes, lots of charms to tie onto cards and tags or for jewelry, 7 Gypsies paper ephemera, brads and stamps and dimensional stickers from Bo Bunny's Timepiece line, metallic stickers, peacock stickers, and MORE!  There are paper albums, canvas albums, and chipboard albums in a variety of shapes to decorate!  There is one 7 Gypsies Receipt Holder, perfect for ATCs!  Pearl Pens are in as well as my favorite Signo pens in white and gold! (You'll never buy another white pen after trying these!)  Sticky Back Canvas, Multi-Medium Matte, embossing powders, Flower Soft, glitter and more glitter...There really is more than you can imagine in this little store right now!!!

The newest papers are here from Memory Box--the Valise line in 12X12s and 6X6s.  There is also a good selection right now of 25-card packs as well as 10 cards/envelopes packs and some shimmery packs of notecards with packs of matching envelopes.  There are just a few of the new dies left--you will LOVE them!  We also have the template for making liners for your envelopes to coordinate with your handmade cards.  There's also a good selection of Memory Box pearls and jewels to glam up your creations!

Three new 12X12s this week:  Strawberries; black bear families; and Trees from October Afternoon (this one is a personal favorite I've used in class a bunch of times).  There is still a good selection of the Flourish papers from Bo Bunny in the most wonderful (18) colors!!!

There's always something set up on the demo table for you to try!!!

Regular hours this week through Friday, but do remember that we are CLOSED ON SATURDAY, MAY 28th and MONDAY, MAY 30th, MEMORIAL DAY for a long weekend.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Open Thursday, Closed Friday, Open Saturday this week; WHAT's NEW

Your Maine Stamper will be open on Thursday, closed on Friday, and open again on Saturday this week.  Sometimes things happen and there's no one to mind the store.  Hope you can cope with this schedule change over the next few days.  Shop Thursday!!!  Shop Saturday!!!  (and get everything else done on Friday!)


There are so many new items in the store this week--and lots that have come in and gone right out again!  Boxes, boxes, and more boxes every day!!!

Memory Box:  The new Valise papers are here!!!  They are printed on kraft paper and are in muted blue and brown tones, some have tickets or journal boxes, and they have kind of a distressed shabby chic look to them.  We have three of the 12X12s--Keepsake, Tickets Please, and Rustic.  There are five of the 6X6s and more on order!
Tickets Please



6X6 Valise collection

We also have some of the brand new dies that Dave has designed for Memory Box and more on the way!  What's in:  scallop border, pastry labels, fancy pocket, library pocket, primo labels.
Scallop Border

Pastry Labels

Double Tickets

Library Pocket

Fancy Pocket

Primo Labels
Monkey Mania Die
What's coming:  woven circle, delicate vine, scallop circle, and the monkey.

We also have more of the 25 pack notecards on order in a bunch of luscious NEW colors!!!

From HEARTFLET CREATIONS:  more of their cling stamps in fall and winter designs

From INKADINKADO:  a row of ants stamp that's perfect for picnic and BBQ invitations this summer!
Ants in a Row

From IMPRESSION OBSESSION:  LOTS of new stamps!!!

From LA BLANCHE STAMPS:  more of the silicone stamps that people have been clamoring for!  If you haven't seen these stamps yet or tried one out, stop in and visit our demo table to see for yourself the detail in the images.  They really look like copper plate etchings!

From FISKARS:  We've actually unpackaged a press for you to try on our demo table.  This is such a cool tool if you use a lot of clear or cling stamps.  The grid lines help you position your stamps for perfect precise stamping.  Use the press with a full-size red stamping mat under it for great impressions especially if your table is a bit wonky like ours are.  This is really easy to use and the perfect tool if you need to make multiple cards and want everything to line up exactly the same way every time.  Cool!!!

Compact Press

Easy Press

From PEBBLES:  cream chalks in Earthtones have been restocked.  I think we still have some of the Basic and the Pastel sets as well.  If you like chalks but don't like the dusty mess, these are perfect!  The creaminess sinks into the paper and won't brush off--no need for sealers of any kind or hiding your work under acetate.  Several samples are on display in the shop and we have a set of the Earthtones open on the demo table for you to try.

From 7 Gypsies:  a Vintage Receipt Holder--Just the thing for ATC cards, or to display your handmade cards, mini-collages, or to use as an idea/inspiration board!


Thursday, May 12, 2011


I can't tell you how excited people are to get these stamps!  So many went out the first days that the shelves look a little bare.  More stamps have been ordered and should be in within two weeks.
If there are some you want that we don't have in stock, come in and browse the catalog and we'll order whatever you want!  Also in are ink pads at $5 each from Stamps by Judith in some lovely colors for spring and summer.  There was one package of 50 scored white notecards for $8.80--not sure if they have been sold yet or not.  We can certainly order those for you as well.  Catalogs are $14 and worth every penny!  These are full color catalogs with numerous stamping tips and ideas for card design and composition as well as coloring suggestions.  Come in and see what the buzz is about!

For the month of May, if you purchase a stamp from this collection and make a card that we can put on display as a sample, you will get 15% of another Stamp by Judith the day you deliver the card.  Be sure to sign your card.  We are excited about featuring the work of our talented customers!

Check out the photos and captions below:

once the box was unpacked
Stamps by Judith on the shelves
Waiting for customer card samples!
So many stamps went out the first day that this is all that were left!
More stamps on order!!!
two stamps that are perfect for our location--
the boat on the lake with the fisherman
the shoreline scene

A Tree for All Seasons
Peg stamps to decorate the tree!!!

Thursday, May 5, 2011


I am really excited to let you know that the Glue Glider Pro from Glue Arts has arrived at Your Maine Stamper!!!  Lydia ordered twelve of them and 24 of the refill cartridges when we went to the trade show in March.  This is the BEST tape gun ever!

I went online and found a review by Ellen Hutson that compares the Glue Glider Pro and the ATG.  These are her thoughts:  As you all know I really like to research a product before I determine whether or not I will carry it in our store. It was at CHA that I discovered this awesome little glue applicator. I don't know if this has been all the rage, but I know that I just discovered it and knew I had to share it with you.
As you well know I'm not so much about the "cute" factor - LOL! For me it is finding out if the product works as professed. What are the Pros and Cons? So here's the skinny from Ellen's vantage point.
Size Comparison:
Glue Glider Pro - 5 ounces and 6 3/4" x 5 5/8" x 1 1/8"
ATG Gun - 13 1/2 ounces and 9 1/2" x 9" x 1 3/4"
For those of you who are young and strong the ATG Gun is not a problem, but for those who have arthritis setting in, or fully set in, I believe that the Glue Glider Pro is the answer to your adhesive needs! It is not cumbersome or awkward. With the ATG gun there is a little trigger that needs to be pulled in order to activate the release of the adhesive. Another advantage with the Glue Glider Pro is that you simply pull - no double action trigger activation required! 
Pro Refill 1  Pro Refill 
Storage and Travel: One of the things that I must be extremely careful with is how I store and travel with my ATG gun being the adhesive is out there fully exposed. It has been on numerous occasions that I have had my gun stick to different items in my storage drawer or in my tote. Glue Arts has an innovative solution for this problem. Quickly pull the adhesive cartridge out and flip it around storing the exposed adhesive on the inside of the applicator as shown above.
Tape Comparison 1 
The next part of my test was determing how easily the adhesive applied. As you can see I have tried to title the two parts of this project defining which applicator I used. One of the disadvantages to the ATG gun has always been the "start and stop" of my adhesive application. As you can see many times there are "strings" that extend beyond where I actually want my adhesive to be applied. I would have to pull this extra adhesive off. Sometimes I would remove too much of the adhesive and have to reapply it.
Once again Glue Glider Pro has come up with an innovative solution. They have die cut the adhesive every 1/16" to allow you to apply a small amount of adhesive with a defined cut point. This applicator does still allow you to use a continuous line, but as you will see I don't think that you will find this necessary. 
Tape Comparison 2 
Now it was time for the mother of all tests - the TRUE TEST! How would it stick?!?
Cathy is my witness to this test. After applying the adhesives I closed my card and pressed my hand smoothly and evenly over the entire surface. I let is sit for a minute and then I opened it up.
SHUT UP!!!! OMWord - never in my life would I have thought there was an adhesive that holds better than the ATG Red. I have tried the ATG Gold tape (this is the acid-free variety), but it was WAY too stringy for me, it drove me crazy and didn't stick as well. So I switched to the ATG Red tape. Well look at the result! WOW, WOW, WOW! I couldn't believe. I felt that my trusty red ATG tape had let me down, so I tried again because I know it sticks, it really does!
Tape Comparison 3 
This time I pressed hard on the ATG adhesive and left it sit longer - thank goodness - it does work. I knew it had too, I have been in love with it for far too long to not have it work. I remember the days of using Snail Adhesive or Mono Adhesive and having my cards fall apart right before my eyes. So when I tried the ATG adhesive I was absolutely thrilled with the "hold" it had. I still am thrilled with it and so this test totally blew me out of the water.
So are there any Cons - well yes, there are. First is the environmentally friendly aspect. Rather than just having a roll of paper to dispose of upon completion there is the plastic cartridge. Unfortunately so many struggle with installation of the tape in the ATG gun and the slightly awkward application that I determined that currently there is a need for this type of applicator. I truly hope that Glue Arts will continue to work on the cartridges to reduce the amount of waste when the adhesive has run out, in fact I will urge them to do so.
Second is cost. WE HAVE PRICED THE GLUE GLIDER PRO AT $15 @ YOUR MAINE STAMPER.  Once you purchase your ATG dispenser, your initial cost is somewhere in the $50-$75 range, the adhesive is inexpensive. I believe it is somewhere around $.12/yd. and if you are a shopper of all shoppers you can probably find it for less.  
So next I did an internet search to find the costs of the Glue Glider PermaTac refills. With that search I found a range of prices beginning around $.52/yd up to $.68/yd.  AT YOUR MAINE STAMPER REFILLS ARE 40 FEET IN LENGTH AND WILL RETAIL FOR $9.90. THAT'S ABOUT $ .68 PER YARD without including the cost of the 350 mini adhesive squares that are included in each refill package.

I think you are going to LOVE LOVE LOVE this product!!!  I've put mine on hold for me, along with two refills, until I can get there Saturday to pick it up.  I can't wait!!!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Signify Pink at Your Maine Stamper! Stamps by Judith coming soon!

Signify Pink @ Your Maine Stamper
When we (Lydia, Connie, Anne) visited the trade show in MA in March, we met with representatives from a company new to us--Signify Pink.  This midwestern company focuses on items related to breast cancer awareness and fundraising to fight breast cancer.  Their primary slogan is "Fight like a Girl!"  We ordered paper, stickers, and really cute big brads.  Lydia also ordered stamps and papers and embellishments from other companies.  When Connie and I (Anne) put it all together in one place on Saturday we found that it makes a great display!  There are some terrific items here if you are making cards or a scrapbook for someone who has or has had breast cancer or if you are looking for something different for luminaries for a Relay for Life event this spring/summer.

You know how Connie and I get when we're together at the store for any length of time--expect there to be changes in terms of where things are and how they are displayed!  We had to do quite a lot of rearranging on Saturday in order to make room for STAMPS BY JUDITH!!!
The stamps aren't here yet, but they will be arriving SOON...and this cabinet will be their home!  Just as we've kept all of the Memory Box stamps together in one area, Stamps by Judith will also have a space dedicated to their stamps, sample cards, and color catalogs (catalogs will be for sale; great ideas inside).  During the month of May, if you purchase a stamp at Your Maine Stamper from the Stamps by Judith collection and use it to make a card that we can display as a sample on the cabinet, you will receive 15% off another stamp from Stamps by Judith on the day that you bring in the sample.  This is a one per customer offer--one sample, one stamp.  You are welcome to make more samples and use more stamps if you wish, but you only get the discount one time.  We've already started a second order even though we haven't received the first one yet! Ask to browse the store catalog and make up your list!  Think you are going to LOVE these stamps as much as we do!
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