Sunday, May 1, 2011

Signify Pink at Your Maine Stamper! Stamps by Judith coming soon!

Signify Pink @ Your Maine Stamper
When we (Lydia, Connie, Anne) visited the trade show in MA in March, we met with representatives from a company new to us--Signify Pink.  This midwestern company focuses on items related to breast cancer awareness and fundraising to fight breast cancer.  Their primary slogan is "Fight like a Girl!"  We ordered paper, stickers, and really cute big brads.  Lydia also ordered stamps and papers and embellishments from other companies.  When Connie and I (Anne) put it all together in one place on Saturday we found that it makes a great display!  There are some terrific items here if you are making cards or a scrapbook for someone who has or has had breast cancer or if you are looking for something different for luminaries for a Relay for Life event this spring/summer.

You know how Connie and I get when we're together at the store for any length of time--expect there to be changes in terms of where things are and how they are displayed!  We had to do quite a lot of rearranging on Saturday in order to make room for STAMPS BY JUDITH!!!
The stamps aren't here yet, but they will be arriving SOON...and this cabinet will be their home!  Just as we've kept all of the Memory Box stamps together in one area, Stamps by Judith will also have a space dedicated to their stamps, sample cards, and color catalogs (catalogs will be for sale; great ideas inside).  During the month of May, if you purchase a stamp at Your Maine Stamper from the Stamps by Judith collection and use it to make a card that we can display as a sample on the cabinet, you will receive 15% off another stamp from Stamps by Judith on the day that you bring in the sample.  This is a one per customer offer--one sample, one stamp.  You are welcome to make more samples and use more stamps if you wish, but you only get the discount one time.  We've already started a second order even though we haven't received the first one yet! Ask to browse the store catalog and make up your list!  Think you are going to LOVE these stamps as much as we do!

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