Monday, April 18, 2011

The Scoop on the La Blanche Stamps--NEW @ Your Maine Stamper

We have a new line of stamps at Your Maine Stamper from the German company La Blanche.  These are high quality stamps that offer easy stamping with minimal pressure.  Their highly detailed images reproduce beautifully!  The unique design of these stamps is that the top of the stamp, the part you hold, is extremely lightweight foam and the stamp itself is heat-resistant silicone.  And the price is right!!!--much less than a wood-mounted stamp of the same size!
This is what the packaging says about these unique stamps:
  • Ensures amazingly exact results
  • Allows for fantastically detailed designs
  • Extremely heat resistant

These stamps work best with Archival Ink, VersaFine Ink, and Staz-on Ink.  Use a really smooth paper or you can stamp on glossy paper using the Staz-on Ink. 
The heat-resistant quality lets you work with hot products like UTEE and beeswax without damaging the stamp.
And cleanup is a breeze!  Just a little water spritzed on and all of the ink wipes off with a paper towel!  Or use your stamp scrubber or regular cleaners. 
Here is what a stamp looks like.

This is the same stamp with the ink applied.
What great detail!

This is a sampling
of the many stamps

Here are more stamps.


Key with Script

The Raven

Everybody's favorite:
The Hedgehog

We can order any stamps you want if we don't have what you are looking for in stock.  Just ask to see the catalog and place an order!  We even have a stamp in the store that you can try out!  Think you are going to LOVE LOVE LOVE these stamps!!!

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  1. The demo table at the shop this week is featuring La Blanche stamps. Come in and try them out!

    Also in is a ton of product from Signify Pink, a company that features breast cancer awareness stickers and papers that we ordered at the trade show. I'll do a feature on this company soon.



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