Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Welcome, Dave!!! Dave Brethauer from Memory Box here Wednesday!

We are soooooo excited about our visit with Dave Brethauer from Memory Box!  He will be with us all day on Wednesday the 14th, teaching a watercolor class in the morning and colored pencil class in the afternoon.

Connie and I have been planning/scheming for weeks now!!!  We're hosting lunch for Dave, Lydia, and all of the participants in both classes!  Kellie (and Pat) are making the lemonade, Jeanne is baking cookies, Donna's bringing brownies if her husband doesn't eat them all, Linda is whipping up a trifle--hmmm...I just noticed that I started with the desserts list first!  Donna's using Kathy's eggs for egg salad, Connie's making turkey salad, and Jo is making a veggie dish.  I'm buying whatever looks good at the deli (shhh!) for the rest of the sandwich fillings, but don't tell on me!  Lydia's got bottles of water chilling in the fridge and I'm bringing iced tea (Thank you, Arizona!)  We figured that having lunch at YMS will make it easier on everyone, give us all a chance to visit and shop between classes, and chat with Dave.  Connie even made puzzle pin name tags for each of us!  (Dave's has a moose and a lobster on it!)  Thanks to everyone who has contributed in some way to the festivities!!!

I couldn't believe it today when our favorite guy, the UPS man, brought in three big boxes full of Memory Box stamps!!!  We have ordered in a lot of new products used in Dave's sample cards and we have our fingers crossed that Twinkling H2Os will arrive in the morning tomorrow.  We have FlowerSoft in a variety of colors, embossing powders in luscious colors as well as black and white, and red/green/and white flocking.  (Side note:  After experimenting with flocking on Monday afternoon with the "regulars" I went home and watched 15 lessons on how to use the stuff on various websites and online videos.  I think I've got it figured out now!)  In addition to our regular Memory box shelves, table, pegboards and paper rack I've added an extra table full of goodies!!!

So, even if you haven't signed up for the class, you still should come in shopping!!!  Hope to see a lot of you Wednesday!

Happy Stamping!


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