Thursday, July 15, 2010

Anne's Photos from Yesterday/Dave @ YMS

Welcome, Dave!!!

Store displays of Memory Box products and everything else you need to complete the sample cards!

Dave and Eileen check out the Memory Box cards displayed in the bathroom!  Eileen had a technique question about one of the cards I'd posted there.  This may be the first time that Dave has ever taught in the ladies room!

Donna, Kellie and Connie look at the samples booklet that Dave made of all the cards we were making.

Jeanne borrowed Eileen's extra large pair of glasses to try the "two pairs are better than one" technique. This appeared to work quite well for painting in the tiniest areas!  Thanks for the demonstrations, Eileen and Jeanne!!!

Carlene is looking very studious in this shot, whereas she was smiling every other time I looked at her!

Here's the second table folks with Dave:  Anita, Peggy, Connie D., and Maureen, Nancy (partially obscured); Jo, Linda, and Mickie are not shown

YUMMM!  Dave chows down on lobster rolls!  Look at that lovely strawberry kiwi trifle!!!

Wish I had taken more pictures during the day, but I got so caught up in the making of the cards that I quite forgot about documenting the day!  

Thanks, Dave...We had a great time with you and hope that you enjoyed your brief stay in Maine!!!

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  1. This was an amazing day. Everyone had so much fun. Dave is a fantastic teacher and an all around fabulous guy. Connie's name tags were so "YMS original" and appreciated by all. What a lot of work...thank-you Connie. The food was delicious and most of all-THANK YOU ANNE FOR MAKING THIS EVENT HAPPEN!!!!!!-KK


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