Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Day with Dave!!! Connie's Pix!!!

Dave is setting up for the morning class  

                 Donna has a question...
Eileen and Jeanne talking to Donna...Eileen actually changed her plane reservations from/to California in order to take this class.  I think she traveled the farthest!!!

Lydia straightens up the paper racks.  
Mickie.Anne and Kellie

Carlene and Jeanne; Charlene and Dave

Kellie and Anne (again)

Eileen, Jeanne, (Donna), Anne
Dave, Charlene, Connie D.

Jo and Nancy (Charlene looking at the Memory Box stamp displays)

What a fun day we had!!!  Watercolor class in the morning with 13 people and colored pencils in the afternoon with 15!!!  

Connie made the puzzle piece nametag pins that we're all wearing.  Thank you, Connie!!!!!

Connie and Anne served lunch with a lot of help--lobster salad (Anne), turkey salad (Connie), chicken salad (Anne) and egg salad (Donna) sandwiches; chips (Lydia); veggies and dips (Donna); veggie rolls (Jo); lemonade (Kellie); iced tea (Anne); bottled water (Lydia)...and DESSERTS--strawberry kiwi trifle (Linda); chocolate and chocolate chip cookies (Jeanne).  Thanks to everyone who pitched in!!!  We had lots of time to eat, socialize, and shop between classes!!!

At the end of the day Dave helped Connie and me to restock our shelves with the newest Memory Box stamps for fall and Christmas.  He also left more samples for us to display in the store.  So...the next time you are in, take a good look around!

And don't forget to check out the display boards in the bathroom!  There's even a wacky collage that I made for summer!

More pictures later, as soon as I figure out how to get them the correct size for posting so they don't take hours to load up!


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