Friday, June 25, 2010

C'mon in and say Hello!

I'm in the shop for the next two days and I'm looking for company!

I put together some $1 and $3 grab bags (which are open at the top so you can peek inside) for the weekend that are stuffed with stickers, papers, ribbons, and other odds and ends.  These aren't as fancy as the packs Lydia makes up, but there's lots of good stuff to add to cards or scrapbook pages.  There are even three Halloween bags!  Great project packs for kids who are "bored" already or for visiting nieces, nephews, grandchildren...

You will also get a surprise goodie package if you spend $20 or more this weekend.  I'm not sure what other little incentives to shop I will come up with...but there will be a featured stamp each day at 15% off!

I know it's going to be nice weather, but you should think about shopping at YMS to stock up on things for summer card-making and scrapbooking just in case there's a rainy day in the forecast anytime soon!

Hope to see you this weekend!


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