Sunday, January 3, 2010

Snow Photos at My House Today, Sunday the 3rd

The first photo is one of a sign that Dad posted on the big maple tree in front of the house. The dam with the double waterfall is also in the front yard. It holds back a lovely pond that is pretty well iced over. The brook flows open below the dam because of the pressure from the falls, and I love the snow-capped rocks. There's a one room log cabin in the woods to the right of the brook. Dad built this cabin about 25 years ago all by himself and using only hand tools. There's a great view of the dam and waterfalls from its porch. The mice have it to themselves in the winter, snuggled into nests inside the woodstove and its tea kettle. The last one is of one of the berried hedges, this one at the end of the turnout where I park my car. Between the hedge and the trees in the background is the pond. It is really beautiful here today.

Lydia is at the store today doing inventory, and Your Maine Stamper will be open tomorrow. I'm teaching a snow globes card class tomorrow afternoon from 1-3, and there's still room if you want to show up at the last minute. ($15--we'll make as many cards as we can in two hours.) Guess I'd better get my samples finished!!!

Happy Stamping!



  1. Anne - your photos are beautiful. Have some of the dogs in the snow -- will forward for you to post eventually. Connie

  2. Anne...what awesome pictures. I love the cabin!!


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