Saturday, January 2, 2010

Saturday, Snow Day!!!

I guess by now you have figured out that all of us at Your Maine Stamper have NOT been there today. I'm getting just a little bit tired of shoveling snow. I mean, this is Day Three of this snowstorm and it looks like it's going to snow all night and into Day Four! If by some chance schools in Winthrop are closed on Monday, Your Maine Stamper will be closed as well. It's Connie's day to open the shop and my day to teach in the afternoon. But both of us live at the ends of long dirt roads and getting plowed out may still be an issue for one or both of us. If you plan to come to the shop on Monday, and there is school in Winthrop, it might be best to call first and make sure someone is there before venturing out. Connie was telling me earlier that some weatherman was calling this The Storm of the Decade--considering that it started within hours of the beginning of this decade, that's going some. But I am hopeful that this will be the storm of this winter and we won't see another one like it. I'll have a serious case of Cabin Fever by Monday! At least I'll get some crafting done this weekend, and Connie may get up to 1976 in her photo scrapbook!

Happy Stamping!


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  1. It has to be over! I NEED YMS!!! I did work at Dave's yesterday and it was busy. This is CRAZY snow, but my craft area is sorted, organized, and ready to be messed up all over again. :-)


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