Sunday, March 20, 2011

Spring at Your Maine Stamper!

image from RedLead
Spring Greetings from Anne and Connie on Monday, March 21st!  I know that snow showers are forecast, but rain is coming.  And we are so ready for SPRING at Your Maine Stamper!

We've got lots of stamps, stickers, papers, inks, jewels, and other embellishments for your spring and Easter cards, gifts, and home decor!  New boxes keep arriving!  And Lydia, Connie and Anne are going shopping this coming Sunday at a BIG TRADE SHOW in Massachusetts!!!

Lydia has set up a "Come Try This Out" space for Tuesdays through Saturdays when she is in the store.  This week's project involves working with white flowers, inks, and embellishments.  You are invited to come in for this free activity anytime between 10 AM and 4 PM, Tuesday through Saturday (that way everything gets picked up and organized before the store closes each afternoon at 4:30).


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