Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Sale Goes On! 10 to 1 today! Closing at 1 PM!

Hmmm....the 27th you say...Yes, I am away that day, so I guess it's okay for you to play.

Anne's at the shop today from 10 to 1.  (Closing at 1 to take Mom to the doctor.)
Rumor #1:   is that they will be paving out front over the huge hole they dug recently. I think you can still find a way to get in.
Rumor #2: is that Robyn is coming in to the shop around 10 this morning before she starts packing up the van for the BIG MOVE--she and her husband are leaving for California on Sunday.

The SALE for today is STICKERS at 30% off!

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