Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Orders Placed! What else would you like???

For those of you who left orders with us on SuperBowl Sunday, those orders have been written up. I spoke with Dave at Memory Box on Monday and ordered everything you requested and more. Our shelves were looking a little bare on Monday morning! He has a new set of ten stamps that were released on Monday and I ordered those, too! And there are new card and envelope colors coming. I reordered Gossamer paper in 6X6s, and a new combination package called Fernbrae that I think you will love.

I went online and figured out the Rubber Stamp Tapestry order for Lydia and left that with her yesterday. Everyone seemed to love these tiny peg stamps! This is a company that we have not done business with for a few years now, but we certainly will take a look at their new products based on overwhelming customer interest.

Some new stamps from Stampendous arrived on Monday. There are more orders due in this week. And Lydia keeps ordering more stuff! We have lots of new papers coming to fill up some of our empty paper trays.

We have a huge selection of stamps at 50% off, making way for new ones.

And then there's the big stamp show in Massachusetts that Lydia, Connie and I will be attending at the end of March when we get to see all the latest and greatest and order even more products for you!!! I can't wait!!! Last time I went I got buried in ribbons for a long time. Please please please let us know if there is anything you'd like us to stock at Your Maine Stamper. We are more than willing to investigate new products and companies that we don't know about that maybe you do. You can always post a comment to this blog or call Lydia at the store or bring in a sample or magazine showing what you are interested in. We only get better with your input!!!

Happy stamping!


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  1. You asked...I would like some of the new product from Webster's pages. I love the vintage sparklers and the new papers and others sparkly embellishments. :-) -KK


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